Fears & Phobias

When fears start to affect our lives in negative ways, they can lead to phobias...
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Fears are natural and help to keep us safe.  When fears start to affect our lives in negative ways, they can lead to phobias, which in turn can impact our lives more and more.

Some of the more common fears and phobias are listed below, but this list is by no means exhaustive.  
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Spiders • Flying • Dentists • Heights • Needles • Blood  
Public Speaking • Open Spaces / Agrophobia • The Dark

A phobia is a 'learned behaviour.'  You were not born with this phobia.  Somewhere along the line, you learned to be afraid of whatever it is you are afraid of, and as time has gone on, that fear has grown and become irrational, hence the term phobia.  You learned it, so you can unlearn it.

The terms 'fear' and 'phobia' have different meanings for different people.  For some, it can mean mild discomfort in certain situations.  For others, it can mean debilitating anxiety, difficulty breathing, a racing heart, sweaty palms and irrational thoughts.

Fears and phobias often start small, and then start to govern our actions and behaviours, often changing our lives altogether.  Sometimes people will avoid a situation, rather than suffer the anxious feelings that go with their fear.  This, in turn can lead to withdrawal from daily activities, making things such as going out to work, the shops or socialising with friends difficult, or even unbearable.

Therapy can help

Hypnotherapy can be an amazing tool for curing fears and phobias, because there are techniques which can uncover the original cause of the fear that turned into a phobia, and neutralise your reaction to it.

Once you no longer react with fear or anxiety to the situation, you will be released from the power that it held over you, and find the freedom to continue your life in a more positive way.