Weight Management

Willpower is an amazing thing, but it is only temporary...

Have you tried every diet that is going, but still slipped back into old eating habits?  Willpower is an amazing thing, and it is a helpful part of our motivation, but it is only temporary, which is why we often find that we can change our eating habits with willpower alone for a few weeks, but then we find ourselves reaching for the biscuit tin or the chocolate cake again.

Many factors affect our eating habits, from modern day fast foods, to messages we learned from a very young age about food.  Do you not like to leave food on your plate because "there are people starving out there...?"

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Hypno-Psychotherapy to manage your weight

Hypno-Psychotherapy can help make permanent, positive changes to the way you think about food, with many people finding that they automatically reach for the healthier option.  Hypnotherapy also helps with relaxation and focus, and increases the general feeling of well-being.
During the sessions, you are aware of everything that is being said to you and in complete control at all times.  When you are in a relaxed, focussed state, the subconscious mind is much more receptive to suggestion, making the transformation from eating junk foods to eating healthily so much easier.