Emotional Issues

Are you emotionally stuck? Wondering if you will ever move on?
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Are you emotionally stuck?  Finding it difficult to move on from a past relationship or emotional trauma?

Therapy can help you heal emotional wounds and move forwards in a positive way...

Do you ever wonder why you react to a certain person or situation in a certain way?  Perhaps an emotional way?  You might cry if you have a confrontation at work, or react with an angry outburst... both leading to embarassment and feelings of loss of control.

Often, these behaviours are learned as a child or adolescent, and are no longer useful to us as adults.

Alternately, you might feel that you are being held back by your emotions.  Perhaps you can't express yourself in the way that you'd like, or perhaps you feel that you can't move on from a difficult or upsetting situation.

Hypnotherapy, Psychotherapy, Mind Coaching and Counselling can help to gently address these issues, allowing you to respond calmly and remain in control of the situation.