Allowing yourself some time to relax and simply do nothing might feel like the ultimate luxury.  Meditation can help you turn your attention inwards and focus, with the added benefit of being therapeutic.  The benefits of meditation are well documented, with scientific evidence that a regular meditation practice can reduce the symptoms of anxiety and increase feelings of overall wellbeing.

If you wish, you can access and enjoy my free 10 minute 'Calm' meditation...

Calm Meditation

I am a qualified Meditation Teacher and I run classes in person at the beautiful StayWell Health studio in Chellaston, Derby which are also streamed live online via Zoom, so you can join from your very own corner of the world.  The classes currently run on a Friday evening and can be booked at www.StayWellHealth.co.uk.  I'll look forward to meeting you either face to face or virtually, as I support you on your meditation journey to find stillness, inner focus, clarity and healing.

If you wish, you can download and enjoy my free 20 minute 'Deep Relaxation' mp3... 

Deep Relaxation Download

If you would like a short example of a Hypnosis for Childbirth recording, you can download and enjoy my free Optimal Breathing for Childbirth mp3... 

Optimal Breathing for Childbirth

Professionally produced recordings for Deep Relaxation and Hypnobirthing can be purchased directly from me.  Please contact me for details.

Please contact me if you'd like a specific recording creating for your own, personal use.